Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

The famous saying from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. And yesterday, with several of my closest friends, we went to see the newest modern take on Snow White, also entitled, Mirror Mirror(starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts). 

Source: via Luke on Pinterest

And let me tell you, it was very, very good. One of the best new movies I have seen in a while. There was no language, or bloody violence. There was fighting, but nothing major. Overall it was totally clean, and I was so happy about that. The acting at a few points was a little cheesy, but for the most part was really good!

It has a great love story for the girls, lots of fighting for the boys and of course a few laughs here and there! There were little secrets hidden throughout the story that in the end shock you when they are finally revealed. The plot is altered a bit from the original Snow White, which is good because I wasn't ever a huge fan of Snow White.

But this story- I really loved it. Great plot(and love story), plenty of fighting, a good amount of humor...and it was clean!

If you are looking for family friendly movie to go see, I highly recommend Mirror, Mirror! It's at the High Point dollar(now $1.50) theater...but I'm hoping it will soon be on DVD! It was just a great movie! And that's all I have for you on this fine Wednesday morning!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Counting down....

I'm counting down the days....

Until school is out...that is six.

Until the pool is open so we can spend long days there just hanging out.

Until Summer With the Arts 2012, which is going to be incredible(thanks to the wonderful Paige).

Until I get to spend unending hours with my best friends giggling and talking...and giggling and talking some more.

Until I can work on my book for hours on end.

Until my 15th birthday and I get my permit...speaking of that I FINISHED DRIVERS ED!!!!!!

Until we know if baby Land is a girl or boy...which is around 26ish days...not that I'm excited or anything :).

But...I'm also trying to savor each day and find the little treasures and things the Lord brings me through each day.

And each day the Lord is bringing me more joy than I ever thought could be possible. It's been great. Especially now that my favorite college students are home and they just drop by for a few hours and we all talk and laugh and have a great time, fun times.

And yes, I'm counting down the days until each of the things above happens, but more importantly I'm searching and seeking daily the things God brings me each day to bless me and bring me joy.

What are you most excited about this summer?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's be honest here...

Alright dear friends, I have a confession.

I seem to have one of these about this time every year...but they are always good!

I believe last year's was about Taylor Swift...this year...well...

It's about...


The craft encyclopedia. The best place to find quotes.

And- well, fantasy football for girls to be honest.

I am quite obsessed. So on many days when I could be writing a nice blog post for you all, I am spending excessive amounts of time on pinterest. But don't worry- I'm not leaving you in the dust, I will still be writing here, because I love it so very much. It's like my diary...I can tell you all what I am feeling and what I am doing and I love it!

But folks...pinterest is addicting, just throwing that out there.

But I have been working on narrowing down my pinterest time because honestly it has been taking away my writing time but more importantly, Jesus time. So I have spent much less time on there the past few days.

However, I still love it...and highly roccomend it to any of you crafty folks out there.

And that is my confession for you have any confessions to make?!?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I found it...

While we were at the beach, and since we have gotten home I have read my bible daily, but it has felt the same everyday- and nothing has really been different.

I didn't go to church last Wednesday or Sunday- and I missed it- terribly.

As I stood in youth last night, worshipping God with all that I had- it hit me.

I figured out what I was missing.

I was missing that fellowship with other believers, knowing that they were thinking the same things, they were going through the same struggles as I was. It was the best thing ever.

I have never loved my church, and those in it more than I did last night.

People always tell you how important it is to have those there who will strengthen you- but it won't hit you until God moves in your heart. Like He did in mine yesterday night.

I realized how important it is to have that group of believers around you strengthening you, encouraging you...and I felt the difference when I walked in the church doors. And even though I already knew it was important- it just hit last night, more than it ever had before.

Knowing people that love God the way I do, having them there for you, makes the difference in the world.

So thank you to all of those in my church, not only in my youth group, but in my whole church who are always there supporting me and encouraging me to do my best.

These people mean the world to me, and I couldn't be more grateful to have them beside me as we walk the journey Christ has laid before us together.


Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm still here...or I am now!

Hello friends, it's been a while(for me at least)! We have been at the beach, actually we just got back Saturday. It was glorious...the weather was amazing! This year we went to Hilton Head Island in SC with my family, my best friend's family and the boys brought a friend! Here are some pictures from our week!

 All of the girls...except for Sonia, she didn't want to pose for the picture :)
 The beautiful view from our back deck...that's the beach in the distance, be jealous :) We had direct beach access from our backyard!
 Emily and I thought it would be cute to take a shadow picture!
 J-man, Bradley(their friend) and William
 Emily and I!
 See, Sonia really was with us, and by the way, she loves her new hair-do!
 I was just checking out the beautiful view.
 Us posing in front of a church that survived the civil war!
 The pool and hot tub from the balcony.
 The boys sand castle from the epic sand castle battle.
 And the girls castle...come on! Give us props, we had a bridge, wall, towers and everything! 
And our beautiful(huge) house! How I miss it so!

Anyway- it was an amazing trip and was so relaxing, just what we all needed. 
Yesterday was Mothers' day, so all of my dad's side of the family came over for dinner, we had the best time! Amanda(and her super cute little tiny baby bump) and Nick came too! It was the perfect ending to a perfect week! Have a wonderful week...I will be back soon- I promise!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

And my heart just keeps growing...

All of you know about my adopted big sister Amanda and her husband Nick, both whom I love so dearly.

A few weeks ago(almost a month actually) they told us something that excited us(excited is an understatement), but we couldn't tell anyone- no one.

And before they told us, I thought that my heart was full that I couldn't make room for anything else at that time...but oh was I wrong.

Yesterday, they finally told everyone.

And you see why I am BEYOND EXCITED, little Land is on his or her way!!! I am going to be an aunt :):) We are all so very excited. And my heart is already filled with so much love for lil' Land. 

My Amanda, who I met when I was five, is going to be a mom- I can't even wrap my mind around that thought. It's about all I can think about. And this summer...I will be making a scrapbook for this little person :) and you know how thrilled I am about that! 

And when I saw the ultrasound of that lil' guy yesterday... my heart was in awe of what God is doing. Isn't it amazing how God continually stretches your heart...and for such a little person!  

I love you lil' Land!!! 

With all the love in the world, your Aunt B.