Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Jam

This was one of the pictures we took at Winter Jam last night. The quality is not to good because our camera is not great and the lighting is really bad in the room. It was really cool, even though we were sitting behind the stage and all we could see was the back of all of the singers, and the screen facing us. I enjoyed it though, this was my first year going and there were like 21,000 people there...yes that is a lot. It took us 45 minutes to find a spot to sit....and we ended up behind the stage....grrr. Then I missed Francesca Battestelli. I was soooo mad, but thats ok. I did get to see David Crowder, which was amazing, and the Newsboys were pretty good. I didn't care so much for Red- at all. The rest was pretty good, better than I thought. My advice to you if you ever go is to get there at like 12:00 and wait in line all day to be able to get a decent spot. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have had a better spot and have been able to see the singers. We didn't get there till like 4:30, bad choice.

Oh, the Newsboys were really cool when they used cranes to lift the guys playing instruments up in the air and they sang Mighty to Save...that was amazing. David Crowder sang How he loves us and a few other of my faves by him. Let me tell you how crazy he looks, he has a beard and his hair is about 3 inches tall and he always has it spiked on top of his head. Yes, he looks crazy, but his music is AWESOME. I got to see 1 and 1\2 songs from Francesca Battestelli and what I saw was really good, she is so pretty. Seriously man...its crazy.

If you decide to go next year here is some advice:

If you are taking more than two people bring at least 30-50 dollars for food (ok- maybe slight exagerration!)
Get there at 12:00 to get decent seats
If you would like to sneak in snacks put them in the inside pockets of your jacket
Go to the bathroom before the breaks or else you will never get in a stall
Buy their cotton candy cause it was amazing...even though it was 5 bucks

Thats all I can think of for now. If you went I would love to know what you thought.

Thanks for reading~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~