My Writing

As some of you know, I am a vivid writer. I started back in 2nd grade writing little stories mostly little mysteries or about adventures our family took. It kept developing as I got older, and now I am working towards hopefully being published one day! I get my inspiration from authors such as Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen and Jenny B. Jones.

Along with other short stories, I'm writing a book series. The first book is finished, I'm just editing and letting a few people give me feedback before I decide what to do along the lines of publishing.

So here's a sneak peak!

"For I Know the Plans..." (#1 in the Jeremiah 29 series) (in the publishing process)

When Chrissy's missionary older brother returns home for a month, it was supposed to be the start of a great summer- one that included a trip to New York City with her graduating class. But when tragedy strikes and her trip to NYC is traded for Kenya for six weeks- she finds her self in a situation she really didn't want to be in. Even though she'd rather be in NYC, maybe this is where God wants her.

"Seek Me With All of Your Heart..." (#2 in the Jeremiah 29 series) (in the writing process)

After Chrissy's trip to Kenya, her heart was changed forever and she knew North Carolina was not for her. So when she sets out for Kenya, it's supposed to be a perfect year and a half with her big brother, favorite little girl, and the boy she so desperately wants to be with. However- God has completely different plans for her year, and once again she just has to trust that God is doing what is right for her life.

I hope that one day- just one day- I'll be a published author.

I can only dream for what God has in store for my writing. And I'm so thankful for this gift He has given me.

Thank YOU for reading.