Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just life....

So. Not much has been going on here lately...except for the TORNADO that was about 2 hours away from our house on Saturday- whew...it didn't come near us! OK, maybe I lied...there hasn't been many exciting things going on here lately, but there has been lots going on!

* I finished Challenge B (insert that graduation song that they play when some one graduates from high school- for dramatic effects), because this is, in fact, my last year in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! Woot, woot, I will be in 9th grade next year! I must say, this year has been challenging, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I have learned so much...and made some friendships that I will never loose. Especially my teacher, Ms. Finch...we don't call her that though, we call her Eve(which is her first name)! I just love her!!!!

* I made an A+ on all of my exams today!! Yay- I was worried about those!

*About 2 weeks ago I finished my second and third sewing projects. A matching dress for Sonia and one of my American Girls! They are so cute...Sonia looks adorable in her's!

* Sonia turned three last week! She is getting so big, so very fast! I got her some furniture for her dollhouse. This weekend she kept saying, "Momma, my birthday over," with the saddest expression on her face. Haha- just wait til she realizes that you have to wait a whole year for your birthday to happen again, its a sad day!

* Both of my brothers passed Memory Masters(school-classical) and passed the State level of Bible Drill(church)...yay for William and J-man!!!

* I finished my short story! It is amazing, well at least to me. It was not very hard to write, it helps that writing comes very easily to me too! I wrote the story in about 2 weeks, well maybe 3 counting editing it! If you would like to read it let me know!

There you go- an update on my life! I will leave you with a few pics from Sonia's birthday!

Opening presents...

Blow out the candles and make a big wish!

The beautiful birthday girl on her 3rd Birthday!!!

~Thanks for reading about my life~Philippians 4:13~Bailey~