Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's go Happy Jump on a Curb at App!

Friday, my family and Amanda traveled up to Boone(Appalachian State) to see some of my favorite people ever! We saw, Paige, Catie, Jesse, and Caleb! It was so much fun.

Why is this post titled "Let's go Happy Jumping on a curb at app!"? Because when we drove up to Paige's appartment building Paige and Catie were...oh yes...happy jumping on a curb with huge smiles on their faces ;). So fun. I just love them to pieces! We went down to King Street to see all of the fun shops, then we went to the parkway for a hike!

(left to right) Jesse, William, Paige, Me, and Catie!

After we completed our hike we went to Macados for It was so good. If you ever go to App you must go to Macados. They have tons of different foods that are so very good, AND their cinnamon buns are fantabulous. Stinkin' amazing. And huge. I have plenty of witnesses. Haha.

Our day was concluded with lots of "Good byes" and amazing Paige hugs ;). It was such an amazing day- especially since I got to see Paige and Catie. Such a wonderful wonderful. I seriously couldn't go any longer in life if I hadn't seen them. Anyway- just thought I would update you on my amazing day.
~Thanks for reading all of my words~ Bailey

P.S. Thanks Paige and Catie for such an awesome day! Love you both!
P.S.S. Paige took all of these pics...aren't they awesome?