Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The coming 2(ish) weeks...

So, this week has been SWTA. Next week is Youth Camp at North Greenville, and the week after that my cousins will be here from Texas! Considering I am already exhausted from STWA this week, we will see how all of that works out! This week has been alot of fun so far, and I've gotten to know some of the kids really well! We have had a really fun time together, and overall they are all pretty stinkin' cute- I love 1 and 2nd graders! After SWTA each day all of the people in the drama meet for drama practice for the production we do on Sunday night. We have alot of fun in there, and we get leftovers from lunch afterwards!

I'm actually getting excited about camp next week! Until now, I was a little nervous and trying to focus on SWTA and having fun with the kids, I am still having fun with them but getting excited about camp too. I know it will be a great week and that God will teach me alot through it. Last year was awesome, and I know this year will too...the only thing I'm not thrilled about is that we are going to the Beacon for lunch on the way there like we did last year, and it was gross...I really don't want to go there for lunch.

Plus, I'm going with some of my favorite people ever(this trip in middle school with a few high school and adult helpers): all of my friend's from Sunday School, Kristi Houser, Amanda, Mary, and Ruth Anna! The only two people I wish were going are Paige and my mom. My mom was supposed to go but shes had some health issues and can't go...tear tear!

Then once I get back my cousins will already be there, and I know we will have an awesome time together!

I think I'm done now. Thanks for reading my randomness...

~Bailey~Philippians 4:13~