Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's be honest here...

Alright dear friends, I have a confession.

I seem to have one of these about this time every year...but they are always good!

I believe last year's was about Taylor Swift...this year...well...

It's about...


The craft encyclopedia. The best place to find quotes.

And- well, fantasy football for girls to be honest.

I am quite obsessed. So on many days when I could be writing a nice blog post for you all, I am spending excessive amounts of time on pinterest. But don't worry- I'm not leaving you in the dust, I will still be writing here, because I love it so very much. It's like my diary...I can tell you all what I am feeling and what I am doing and I love it!

But folks...pinterest is addicting, just throwing that out there.

But I have been working on narrowing down my pinterest time because honestly it has been taking away my writing time but more importantly, Jesus time. So I have spent much less time on there the past few days.

However, I still love it...and highly roccomend it to any of you crafty folks out there.

And that is my confession for you have any confessions to make?!?