Friday, March 23, 2012

Of Operas, Village Tavern, and friends...

Last Friday night we had Spring Formal with our homeschool group high schoolers. This is a night when we go out to dinner at a semi fancy restaurant and then go to an opera/symphony/etc. We also get to dress up and do hair all fancy! We went to Village Tavern in Winston Salem and then went to see the Crucible in opera...and surprisingly it was really good. The story line was weird but the opera part was very very good! Sadly, all I have pics of are group pictures since my mom didn't go with us to take more(two other mom's drove and chaperoned), so here are some pictures!

My beautiful best friend and I!

Me by myself...

All the girls...(L to R) Emily, Me, Heidi, Anna Gray and Beth

And last but not least a group picture...(L to R) Emily Grace, Drake, Me, Heidi, Josh, Anna Gray, Garrett, Beth.
Anyway, we had a wonderful night of laughs, fun and well...yeah! It was really awesome! I can't wait until next year! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend...while I sit in drivers ed from 8 to 2 right? ha. At least Emily will be with me. Enough about me...have a great weekend!