Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago...

Ten years ago, it was a normal day.
Ten years ago, people were driving down the road going to work.
Ten years ago, something happened that changed our country.
Ten years ago, planes hit the twin towers.

Ten years ago, firetrucks raced down the road.
Ten years ago, families were destroyed.
Ten years ago, our country grieved.
Ten years ago, more than 3,000 people died.
Ten years ago, people were sitting in a coffee shop, when they were shocked with the news that the twin towers had been hit by several planes, killing everyone in the planes and almost everyone in both of the buildings.

But, ten years later, our country is stronger.
Ten years later, we have healed from this.
Yet we have not forgotten this day, but honor the people from our country who sacrificed their lives and fought for us that day.
Ten years later, after much, LOVE, FAITH, and most importantly, GOD, we have healed from this.
Ten years later, we stand stronger as a country, because that is how one nation under GOD, responds from a tragedy like this.


P.S. You need to watch this video, it was the inspiration for this post: The skit guys, 9/11