Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Wonderful

This week has been fantastic. We're taking a (sort of) spring break.

And wonderful it's been. It's after 9, and I haven't eaten breakfast or started school or done anything productive. I've just watched icarly with Sonia and looked on Pinterest.

Since we have exams the week after spring break- cool, right(hint of sarcasm there)- I've had some studying to do, so everyday I work for about 2ish hours and then relax and do whatever the rest of the day.

Which mainly consists of playing babies with Sonia...writing a book(because that's what all 14 year olds do in their spare time, right?) and reading Little Women...again.

Yesterday Amanda came over and we did school and just talked and chilled...didn't do much of anything. It was quite fun actually. We watched Bedtime Stories...great movie by the way.

Monday we went to a friend's house and played by their creek and in the HUGE yard and just had fun!

Today...I have no idea what today...or tomorrow will bring...but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. And thank God that he has given us such beautiful weather and such a wonderful time to enjoy together.

Have a marvelous week- and I hope that you had a great Easter!


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