Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Choices of Love: Part 1

This is the story that I had to write last semester for school. I will be posting it in portions here on my blog! Enjoy-

“Elizabeth,” yelled Mama, “Hurry up and sweep the floor!”
“Mama, I must go, I can’t be late for school. I have told the children not be late numerous times, yet I arrive late to class and set a bad example. Can I do it when I get home?” I replied hurriedly.
“Well I suppose, but be home in time to help Ruthie and me with dinner, do you understand?”
“Yes, Mama,” I yelled and ran out the door, after I kissed my baby brother on the forehead. I hopped up on old Trigger and rode off to school, thankful to leave the chores of the farm for at least a few hours. When I arrived, I was relieved that none of the students had gotten there. I walked in to the school, set my things down and began to welcome the students as they hurried into the classroom.
“Good morning Laura, good morning Sammy. How are you all doing this morning?”
“Fine, thank you.” they both replied. As more and more students came in, the room filled with noise faster and faster. Finally, it was 8:30, time for school to begin.
Before I could catch my breath, lunch time had come and gone and all of the students were walking home. The girls talked of dolls and the new dress their mothers were making them, and the boys talking of sneaking by their favorite fishing spot on their way home. When I rode up to the house, the first thing I heard was the voice of Ben, our farm hand, “Lizzie, you’re finally home,”
“Ben, you know how I hate that name.”
“Forget that, your Pa was in town today and he heard that the superintendent is observing teachers in this area and he is coming here, to our little town!”
“You are pulling my leg Ben.”
“No, I’m not, go ask your father. He’ll tell you the same thing.”
“Fine then. I will!”
I galloped over to the barn where I saw Ruthie helping Jacob, who was just three, feed the chickens and get their eggs. Both of them came running up to me, giving me a big hug.
“Elizabeth, you’re home!” yelled Ruthie, as she ran up.
“How’s you’re day going, sweet girl?” I asked her.
“Great, how was school? Was Joseph acting up again?”
“Thankfully, no. But Sammy took his turn picking on all of the girls,” We both laughed as I walked away to go see Pa.
“Pa, is it true that the superintendent is coming here?” I asked him with a questioning voice.
“Yes, my sunshine, he is.” he replied.
“Wow, I guess Ben was telling the truth!” I whispered under by breath, with a smile on my face, as I walked away to help Mama with dinner.

I would love your feedback- I will post more in a few days! Thanks for reading~Bailey

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