Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm still here...or I am now!

Hello friends, it's been a while(for me at least)! We have been at the beach, actually we just got back Saturday. It was glorious...the weather was amazing! This year we went to Hilton Head Island in SC with my family, my best friend's family and the boys brought a friend! Here are some pictures from our week!

 All of the girls...except for Sonia, she didn't want to pose for the picture :)
 The beautiful view from our back deck...that's the beach in the distance, be jealous :) We had direct beach access from our backyard!
 Emily and I thought it would be cute to take a shadow picture!
 J-man, Bradley(their friend) and William
 Emily and I!
 See, Sonia really was with us, and by the way, she loves her new hair-do!
 I was just checking out the beautiful view.
 Us posing in front of a church that survived the civil war!
 The pool and hot tub from the balcony.
 The boys sand castle from the epic sand castle battle.
 And the girls castle...come on! Give us props, we had a bridge, wall, towers and everything! 
And our beautiful(huge) house! How I miss it so!

Anyway- it was an amazing trip and was so relaxing, just what we all needed. 
Yesterday was Mothers' day, so all of my dad's side of the family came over for dinner, we had the best time! Amanda(and her super cute little tiny baby bump) and Nick came too! It was the perfect ending to a perfect week! Have a wonderful week...I will be back soon- I promise!