Saturday, August 20, 2011

At the end of the week...

Comes the weekend. I love the weekend. Usually the weekend brings relaxation, family time, friend time, and church. This weekend happens to bring me a lot of relief. School has worn me out this week, it always does on the first week. But now that I have sort of a schedule it will get better.

But, I am still looking forward to this weekend. Last night about 50 people from our youth group and college department went to the Hillsong United concert, which was really, really good! It was an awesome worship experience. Today I
am gonna have about 5 hours of girl time with my bestie, which is MUCH needed.

Then tomorrow we have church and family time afterwards, but sadly the weekend is only 3 days long, so then Monday starts back to school and piano and life.

So, since the weekend is so short, try to treasure and appreciate every moment.

Have a wonderful weekend- Bailey