Saturday, March 12, 2011

Only at our Kitchen table....

Only at our kitchen table do you find a Little People circus toy, with a catapult shooting a puppy.

Only at our kitchen table do you find a baby doll, stuffed giraffe, and rabbit having a tea party.

Only at our kitchen table do you find another baby doll, using a calculator and wearing toe socks on her hands.

We are a fun family.
We are not a boring family.
If you come to my house, there is no guarantee that it will be clean...but we always have fun!

For example, going out to dinner. Then going to an awesome store call Swoosies! After that we went to Granny's donuts and coffee, which is in our small little town. We had a fun family night last night. This morning we watched Ella Enchanted(p.s. great movie)!

We also sing random songs very early in the morning. (we make them up) You can see we are not boring, actually we are VERY weird...and so fun!

~Thats all for today...have a great Saturday~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~