Thursday, October 20, 2011

Will you remember?

Sometimes life goes by so fast that we don't even realize what God is doing...what he has done and what he will continue to do.

When I was in fifth grade a congenital cyst formed on the left side of my neck. I was rushed to the hospital on a Friday night in April and the next morning the drained it. The anesthesia caused me to be sick for the rest of the day and part of the next day. I had three families come to see me, and Emily Grace stayed in the room while I was throwing up. Now people- thats big love right there. I got to go home that Monday and received cards and flowers for about a week. We went back every month for a CT scan, to make sure things were okay. About six months later, when they were close to doing surgery to remove it, they went in for the scan. And guess what? It. Was. Gone. They said it was probably smaller than the size of a pea and they couldn't even find it. Miracle.

Last year, I put my hand through a glass window, and had to get 37 stitches. While they were stitching me up for two hours, I told the doctor about my church, my great Christian friends...for two hours strait I talked. If you know me personally- yes, I talk alot, but not this much. We don't know if he was a Christian, but I ministered to him no matter what.

Thanksgiving 2009, we traveled half way around the world to get my sister, Sonia Grace. She was 18 months old, and as cute as she could be. I had prayed for a sister since I was four, at this point I was 11- thats a long time. We got the call to travel on the Tuesday before thanksgiving and traveled that FRIDAY. People- it was INSANE. Craziest three days of my life. We got there and met her. I knew from then on- I had the best sister ever. She is stinkin' adorable...and I love her to bits! I finally got a sister- after seven years- God gave me a sister.

Will I remember that God did a miracle in my body?
Will I remember that I got to minister to someone while getting 37 stitches?
Will I remember that through prayer, God gave me the perfect sister?
Will I remember that he lets me struggle so I can find my weaknesses, and fix them?

Will I remember that God loves me daily- no matter what I do?

Will I remember?

Will you remember what God has done for you in your life?

~Thanks~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~