Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Choices of Love: Part 1

This is the story that I had to write last semester for school. I will be posting it in portions here on my blog! Enjoy-

“Elizabeth,” yelled Mama, “Hurry up and sweep the floor!”
“Mama, I must go, I can’t be late for school. I have told the children not be late numerous times, yet I arrive late to class and set a bad example. Can I do it when I get home?” I replied hurriedly.
“Well I suppose, but be home in time to help Ruthie and me with dinner, do you understand?”
“Yes, Mama,” I yelled and ran out the door, after I kissed my baby brother on the forehead. I hopped up on old Trigger and rode off to school, thankful to leave the chores of the farm for at least a few hours. When I arrived, I was relieved that none of the students had gotten there. I walked in to the school, set my things down and began to welcome the students as they hurried into the classroom.
“Good morning Laura, good morning Sammy. How are you all doing this morning?”
“Fine, thank you.” they both replied. As more and more students came in, the room filled with noise faster and faster. Finally, it was 8:30, time for school to begin.
Before I could catch my breath, lunch time had come and gone and all of the students were walking home. The girls talked of dolls and the new dress their mothers were making them, and the boys talking of sneaking by their favorite fishing spot on their way home. When I rode up to the house, the first thing I heard was the voice of Ben, our farm hand, “Lizzie, you’re finally home,”
“Ben, you know how I hate that name.”
“Forget that, your Pa was in town today and he heard that the superintendent is observing teachers in this area and he is coming here, to our little town!”
“You are pulling my leg Ben.”
“No, I’m not, go ask your father. He’ll tell you the same thing.”
“Fine then. I will!”
I galloped over to the barn where I saw Ruthie helping Jacob, who was just three, feed the chickens and get their eggs. Both of them came running up to me, giving me a big hug.
“Elizabeth, you’re home!” yelled Ruthie, as she ran up.
“How’s you’re day going, sweet girl?” I asked her.
“Great, how was school? Was Joseph acting up again?”
“Thankfully, no. But Sammy took his turn picking on all of the girls,” We both laughed as I walked away to go see Pa.
“Pa, is it true that the superintendent is coming here?” I asked him with a questioning voice.
“Yes, my sunshine, he is.” he replied.
“Wow, I guess Ben was telling the truth!” I whispered under by breath, with a smile on my face, as I walked away to help Mama with dinner.

I would love your feedback- I will post more in a few days! Thanks for reading~Bailey

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm a Writer...

It all started when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I started writing little stories. The ones I remember were about a mystery in a lighthouse, and another about having many surprises while Trick-or-treating. I would start some stories, but never finish them, in fact I still do that sometimes and I have got to break that habit. One was about a mirror that was shattered and it contained a treasure map, another was a journal of a girl traveling the Oregon trail with her family.

I really started getting serious about my writing at the beginning of my second semester of 8th grade(last year). We had to write a short story- I was thrilled, this was not an assignment it was fun! My story took me 3 weeks to complete and was 10 pages long. This story was called, "The Choices of Love" and it was about a girl(set in the 1700s) who was a teacher and...well I'm not going to tell you because I think I'm going to post it here bit by bit.

Anyway, after school got out I wrote another story called, "Finding Love", being completely different than my other story and giving lots of perspectives and experiences that I have been through personally. I might post that one too.

Now, I am currently working on a story(after school, not as an assignment), which is also completely different than the other two, and I am considering using a self-publisher to publish my story! Eek...exciting! I feel that this story is going to be my best one yet, now it will take a long time to write this one, but I am so excited to see how it turns out in the end! When my mom read the 12 pages I have so far, she said to my dad, "She does this for fun and as a relief from her school day. It's just crazy, I think if she worked at it that she really could become a writer!" That made my morning when my dad told me that on the way to church!

It would be a 1 in a million chance, but my dream is to have a book published, and I believe that if I work hard enough to achieve this goal then it very well could happen. And having the though of being a well known author makes me so very happy.

So this blog is one of the ways that I write...I write to you about many things. Things from my family, to friends, and alot of random that you probably don't care about, but I just love to write it down.

I have a passion for writing.
I use writing as I decompresser after school, I will write 3 pages of my story after school each day.

I love to write, because I was born a writer.

~Your Author~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pray for a purpose...

I come to you all today and ask you to pray for my dear friend Mary. She was supposed to be at Gardner Webb University starting her college classes yesterday, instead she is here, at home, struggling with several viruses. One of them being Mono. For those of you who don't know what that is, Mono is basically a virus that sucks all of the energy out of your body and makes you tired for months. She is so tired, and weary, and discouraged, because who wouldn't be excited about starting college? But when you get sick and are exhausted...you can just imagine how she feels.

So I come to you and ask you to pray for Mary.
Pray that God shows her why she is struggling with this.
Pray that she will heal quickly.
Pray that she will simply be encouraged by those who love her.
Pray that God will show her a purpose through all of this, that she would not be discouraged, but that through everything she will know how to praise Him and He will be glorified through it all.

Please pray for Mary.

~Thanks~ Bailey~ Philippians 4:13~

P.S. you can read her blog by looking at the blog list and clicking on "Mary who's amazing" because my linky thing won't work!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones

*update* If you want to find out more about her books go to jennybjones.com*

So, I just finished a Christian series of three books called the Charmed Life Series by Jenny B. Jones. THEY WERE AMAZING. Thank you Emily Grace for recommending them to me! I aboslutely loved them. With equal parts comedy, mystery, romance, and sarcasm how can a book not be good?

The first book, So Not Happening, was about her moving from Manhattan after her mom and dad getting a divorce and her mom remarrying a man who lived in Oklahoma. When she writes an insultive post about her new country town on her old school's advice column, finding friends is difficult. Mainly, you see her trying to adjust getting used to her new life and of course, like in all the books, getting into a bit of danger with a mystery, oh and don't forget the drama with her boyfriend back at home!

The second book, I'm So Sure, is about her getting a job and finding more friends at school. She once again entangles herself in a mystery at school with Prom Queen. And since she doesn't have the money to buy a prom dress, she must get a job to earn the money! She also finds her dad has been hiding something from her and her mom. And- she begins to find someone who she likes-alot.

The third book, So Over my Head, is about a situation her family and she ends up finding a mystery both at home and with her real dad and his new fiance...oh yeah! Two mysteries for Bella Kirkwood and her oh so funny sidekick Ruthie to solve...and don't forget the hot geek that she is crushing on, and recently broke up with, from school, Luke(hehe)! With a relationship in the air, along with two mysteries, either this book or the second one had to be my favorite!

I strongly encourage you to read these books and enjoy them....Seriously, you need to read them, you will love them(if you are a girl)! Have a nice rest of your week~Bailey

Saturday, August 20, 2011

At the end of the week...

Comes the weekend. I love the weekend. Usually the weekend brings relaxation, family time, friend time, and church. This weekend happens to bring me a lot of relief. School has worn me out this week, it always does on the first week. But now that I have sort of a schedule it will get better.

But, I am still looking forward to this weekend. Last night about 50 people from our youth group and college department went to the Hillsong United concert, which was really, really good! It was an awesome worship experience. Today I
am gonna have about 5 hours of girl time with my bestie, which is MUCH needed.

Then tomorrow we have church and family time afterwards, but sadly the weekend is only 3 days long, so then Monday starts back to school and piano and life.

So, since the weekend is so short, try to treasure and appreciate every moment.

Have a wonderful weekend- Bailey

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm officially in high school.
I'm officially a 9th grader.
We officially started school today.
I officially learned a lot today.
I am officially very tired.
I officially have 4 more years of school left before college.

And right now I am officially decompressing, which for me means watching the new Taylor Swift music video(which by the way is very good you can watch it by going to taylorswift.com), looking at blogs, fiddling around on the computer, and then reading a non school related book.

So losts of things are official now. But the biggest is that I am in high school!

Now I am officially done.
~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A summer in review...

June 4th- the summer started out with Amanda and Nick's wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid! It was a beautiful wedding and a great weekend!

June 30th- THE TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!!! Me and Emily Grace went to the Taylor Swift concert as my(suprise) birthday present! You see, my dad surprised us with tickets 3 days before the concert! We had the best day together and will always remember it!

July 18th-22nd- Summer with the arts! It was so much fun and I had a great time with all of the kids in my group! Sadly, I have no pictures! Sorry!

July 25th- 30th- MFuge at North Greenville! I was there on my birthday so I got a little surprise bday party! We had the best time! Camp was awesome, one of the pictures is of my small group, which I got very close to throughout the week and one of my and two little girls on mission site one day! Over all camp was AMAZING!

Thats all the girls that came to camp in my dorm at my party!

Me and two of the little girls on site, Darcy and Julia.

Me and Amanda, who came with us!

My small group from the week.

My dorm on my bday!

August 6th-13th- We just got back from the beach yesterday and it was amazing! So- here are a few pictures, some of the only ones we took...I mean when you are having such an awesome time when do you stop to take pictures(except at a Taylor Swift concert!)!!!

And now...August 14th, as summer comes to a close, and school starts on Tuesday, I look back on this summer and see how blessed I have been to have such an awesome summer! And- most of you who read my blog, have been part of it! I'm so thankful to have had such an amazing summer with my friends and family! I hope that you had just as fun of a summer as I did!

~Thanks for reading~ Bailey~Psalm 56:3~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm alive....

I really am alive, I promise! I have been so busy the last couple of weeks, its been insane! I just got back from camp on Saturday at about 2:30, and it was amazing! I learned so much and grew in my faith tremendously! We all had such a great time, but I don't have time to do an in-depth post about it now. Then before I left for camp we had Summer With The Arts, so I am exhausted! School starts back very soon and i can't say I'm dreading it or excited about it. Just somewhere in the middle I guess, it's just sad to see the summer coming to an end so quickly! Oh- and Emily Grace and I hung out today and I saw Hairspray for the first time...AMAZING! I loved it.

Anyway- just wanted to leave you a quick note saying I'm alive and well!

~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~