Monday, October 22, 2012

I just love them...

So... in less than a month...

Sweet baby girl will be here...

And oh my word, aren't they just the cutest?

Love them so much. And can't stinkin' wait to meet sweet Harper!

This joy the Father is gifting me with through them is just priceless. So, so, thankful.


P.S. Jessica over at The Making of M.O.M. took these lovely :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

On her 16th :)

To my best friend....

In the whole world...

On her 16th birthday!


More than Beauty loves Beast.

More than Mickey loves Minnie.

More than Donald loves Daisy.

More than Cinderella loves Prince Charming.

More than Jasmine loves Aladdin.

More than Sleeping Beauty loves Prince Phillip.

More than Flynn Rider loves Rapunzel.

More than Bo Peep loves Woody.

More than Ariel loves Eric.

More than Simba loves Nala.

I just love you :) And I'm so thankful for you!