Thursday, July 14, 2011


A sister holds a special place in someone's heart.

No one can replace the relationship you have with them.

I've only had a sister for about a year and a half(and if your wondering she is 10 years almost 11 years younger than me). But it was worth the wait. I didn't get a little girl, I got perfect. I got the perfect little girl to fill the spot in my heart.

Many people would say, after we brought her home, "You guys have done such an awesome thing by adopting her."
That is true, but we have been more blessed by her than I could have ever imagined.

When we first came home with Sonia, people would ask, so how is having a sister? I would just say, "It's great." But I was kind of still repairing from jet-lag and overwhelmed by the whole trip. Now if someone would ask me, I would say, "It's better than I would have ever imagined."

I can't wait until we go have mani pedis together for her 13th birthday.
I can't wait until I go off to college, and she comes to spend the weekend with me and my roomies.
I can't wait until she's my maid of honor in my wedding.
There are so many experiences that sisters and only sisters can share and I can't wait to do so many of them with my Sonia Grace!

Sonia Grace-I love you more than you could ever imagine and your sweet little kisses on the cheek make my DAY if your wondering...your the best sister ever! I love when you ask to hear "Tayor Swiss"(Taylor Swift) in the car. I love when you sing "BABY BABY BABY OHHH" in the car to Justin Bieber. I love when you ask me to come play babies with you or play makeup. I just love everything about you, even when you wake up at 2:00 in the morning and say in your sweet little innocent voice, "Baidey(Bailey) go potty." And I have to climb down my ladder and take you to the bathroom. I just love you... love- Bailey

And as Taylor Swift would say, "Oh darlin' don't you ever grow up!" Because you are perfect this size. And I love you dearly.

~Bailey~Philippians 4:13~