Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer thoughts...

I find it incredible that while we are struggling it brings us so much closer to God, and how much more aware we are of other people's difficulties. Don't you?

This past semester, there were tears so many days, all I could do was rely on God to bring me through each day. I had to remember daily this was the plan He had for my life, and everything had a purpose.

And when exams were over and I finished my bible study...I wasn't making time for God, wasn't giving it as much importance as before and most importantly wasn't continually thanking Him for bringing me through such a tough semester.

Yesterday, well actually this has been brewing in my little mind for quite some time, I realized, God brings us through such tough times so that we will grow stronger in Him and grow closer to Him- and after that struggle is over CONTINUE to grow closer to Him.

And so this summer...I'm going to do whatever it takes to grow closer to God. To make sure that when I start next semester I have the fruit of the spirit flowing out of my mouth. To make sure that I continually have the right attitude about school, knowing that God is and always will be by my side.

To make sure that I will always remember this summer, the summer of 2012, as one of spiritual growth and nearness to my Savior. To be able to look back and know that God changed my heart forever this summer, that I grew closer than ever to my Savior and will be ready next semester for whatever challenges he places in front of me.

Use me. Strengthen me. Help me grow in you. Shine your love through me in the words I speak. Help me love you more than I have ever loved you before. Show me your unfathomable love and help me grasp that in every area of my life. Lord, help me love you with an unconditional love, so that I will be prepared for wherever you are going to take me.


What are some of your summer thoughts?