Sunday, June 12, 2011

A glimpse at the Summer...

Now that school is out(here I come high school), most people would say, "Oh yes, summer is here! Now I can relax." Haha. Relax? What are you talking about? Our summer is probably crazier than during the school year. Please don't mistake me, our school year is busy too, but summer- INSANE! But it is still, with out a doubt, my favorite time of the year! If you would like a glimpse at my summer-

June 20-23: VBS at Rich Fork Baptist Church. I am helping with the card making track(go figure) and the nights I am not doing that I will be helping with Sonia's age group. It's kinda sad that she is big enough to go to VBS, but you know- life happens.

July 4-9: My brothers are going to Camp Caswell for church camp, my dad will be going this year also! This means that Sonia, my mom and I will be having a girl week, which I am hoping will include a trip to Build-A-Bear(yes- you read that correctly, and yes- I am almost 14)

Oh boys. That's all I'm gonna say. But I know that they will have so much fun!

July 18-22+24: My favorite week of the WHOLE summer- SUMMER WITH THE ARTS! I'm already on a countdown. Hehe. I absolutely love SWTA. This year I will be working with the 1 and 2 graders! I guess since I loved it so much when I was little, it's just so cool to see them and help them love and experience it also! The 24th is the musical production that we work on all week, which is extremely impressive.

All of my lovely students from last year! But I am so very sad when it all ends!

July 25-30: Youth camp for me. This year we are going to North Greenville for M*Fuge! And wow and am I excited, we went to the same camp last year, and it was AMAZING!

From left to right: Caylin, Me, Ruth Anna, Abbie, Paige, and Jessie.


EEEEKKK....I am sooo exicted! Fripp has to be one of my favorite places in the whole world! I just love being there!

Anyway- There you have it! I glimpse at my fun summer! All of the weeks(3) that we don't have things planned, will be spent at the pool and friend's houses! I hope that your summer will be as awesome as ours!

Thanks for reading- Bailey