Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 2012,

Dear 2012,

2011 has been great. I went to a Taylor Swift concert with my best friend in the whole world. Had an amazing time at camp. Got to go to the beach as a family. Spend a couple of days at the Great Wolf Lodge. I've learned so much, and started to enjoy piano. Most of all grown closer to my God and Savior. And whole lot more.

But 2011 has also been difficult. School has been very very challenging. But it's been good overall. Mom got sick, and is still struggling with it. William and I have been struggling with headaches, but they are getting better, much better.

It feels like this past year has flown by, and hopefully I will be able to do a year in pictures very soon. Parts of me don't want to grow up, or see 2012 start...but I can't help it.

2012, this year I hope to accomplish two things.

1. To learn to get along with my brothers- and most of all to learn to love them.

2. To be focused on God and trust in Him no matter what. To know that whatever's His will for me. Wherever He takes me, whether it be Kenya, or right here in North Carolina. I hope to grow closer in Him, and continue to strengthen our relationship.

So 2012, whatever you may bring, I pray that God will use this year to do remarkable things in my life and in those around me. And simply, I can't wait to see what God does this coming year.

Because with God, life from year to year, day to day, is an unending adventure.

Will you join me?

Love- Bailey

Oh- and Happy New Year!