Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones

*update* If you want to find out more about her books go to jennybjones.com*

So, I just finished a Christian series of three books called the Charmed Life Series by Jenny B. Jones. THEY WERE AMAZING. Thank you Emily Grace for recommending them to me! I aboslutely loved them. With equal parts comedy, mystery, romance, and sarcasm how can a book not be good?

The first book, So Not Happening, was about her moving from Manhattan after her mom and dad getting a divorce and her mom remarrying a man who lived in Oklahoma. When she writes an insultive post about her new country town on her old school's advice column, finding friends is difficult. Mainly, you see her trying to adjust getting used to her new life and of course, like in all the books, getting into a bit of danger with a mystery, oh and don't forget the drama with her boyfriend back at home!

The second book, I'm So Sure, is about her getting a job and finding more friends at school. She once again entangles herself in a mystery at school with Prom Queen. And since she doesn't have the money to buy a prom dress, she must get a job to earn the money! She also finds her dad has been hiding something from her and her mom. And- she begins to find someone who she likes-alot.

The third book, So Over my Head, is about a situation her family and she ends up finding a mystery both at home and with her real dad and his new fiance...oh yeah! Two mysteries for Bella Kirkwood and her oh so funny sidekick Ruthie to solve...and don't forget the hot geek that she is crushing on, and recently broke up with, from school, Luke(hehe)! With a relationship in the air, along with two mysteries, either this book or the second one had to be my favorite!

I strongly encourage you to read these books and enjoy them....Seriously, you need to read them, you will love them(if you are a girl)! Have a nice rest of your week~Bailey