Friday, January 7, 2011


On the 30th of December my mom's former high school Seniors that she taught in the youth, all came over for dinner. When ever I see them I think about babysitting the Beaver children( the Beavers were my mom teaching partners) while they all met for bible study. I remember watching all of us trying to get dinner before bible can't imagine how much food we ate each week. I remember all of them getting off the plane after getting back from Honduras last June. I remember their class wining the Skate Night competition...I was sooo mad! But most of all I remember what all of them have taught me through their mistakes and good choices, the good times we have had together, and the memories that will come. I have grown so close to her entire class, and I love them all deeply. This was one way I became so close to Paige, Mary, and all of the other girls, was seeing them mature in their faith, encouraging me to do the same.

From left to right: Ashley, Me, Kayla, Sarah, Sam, Paige, and Mary. These are all of my moms girls in her class...the ones I love dearly.

There are boys, but we don't have any good pictures of them! I am so thankful God put these people in my life!

~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~