Monday, January 30, 2012

I know you've been waiting...

I am so very sorry my blog has been so depressing lately...

To end that for a long time here is a very good synopsis of my should be very honored, because besides my classmates and a couple of friends, you are the first to read this!

"I never thought that the worst day in my life, would turn out to change my life forever. And I don’t just mean the next couple weeks, I mean the rest of my life, probably until I die. You are probably wondering how one day, except for the day you become a Christian, can change your life forever. But this one really did. To understand this story completely, we need to start at the very beginning. My brother, Carter, was coming home for a month long break from his mission work in Kenya, through the IMB. I was thrilled to say the least.
“‘It’s been a year of no big-brother coffee talk time, yes, I am very excited!” I thought to myself and about ten steps later I could see his terminal coming into sight. As soon as his spiky brown hair and blue eyes came into view, I bolted across the room and into his arms; his strong, welcoming, comforting arms. I stood speechless for a few seconds as my parents came to join our hug.’”
However, it turns out, two weeks into his trip, something happened I would have never imagined.
““Its...Chrissy, watch out!” he shouted, I tensed up as Carter leaned over and guarded my body, all I saw was another car coming quickly towards mine... Then all I heard was the death piercing sound of another car crashing into the side of my car, and we spun in doughnuts as the other car hit us once again. The passenger side of my car and the whole front of the car was completely crushed, trapping Carter’s legs from moving, but I was untouched.”
Many people, at this point, would think that this is the end of the story. We got in a car wreck he got better and life went back to normal. But no. How could that change your life? I didn’t think it could, but this can.
““I want you to go to Kenya and help Rob and Amber with that project I was supposed to start, and stay for six weeks.” I was shocked.
“What?” I asked, I knew I had asked him what I could do for him, but this was not what I had imagined he would ask me to do.
“I want you to go to Africa for six weeks.”
“But you asked me what you could do for me, and since I can’t go back for at least a few months, I want you to go in my place.” I took a deep breath, finally grasping what he wanted me to do and said, “I’ll do it, but just for you.””
So, two weeks later, I left for Kenya for six weeks, though much against my will. I really couldn’t see how a six week trip to a foreign country would be good for a seventeen year old. Good thing God had it in His plan. Because, some pretty incredible things happened on that trip. God pretty much changed me forever. He broke my heart to pieces. He made me love lots of little children. He had me see some devastating things. He made me love a people I could have never imagined loving. And make some very hard decisions. But thankfully, the young lady who stands with you today is not the same girl who went on a six week trip to Kenya. But if you really want to see every little detail, you’ll have to read the book that tells it all.
And I’m proud to tell you that it’s called, “Journey of the Heart,” by me, Bailey Bowers. The end."
Hehe. I'm so proud. Like so stinkin' proud. Oh and something else about my book- I'VE TALKED TO A REAL LIVE PUBLISHER!!!!!! Well, actually my mom has, but he was REALLY interested and is going to call back in a few weeks to check in and see how it's going! YIPPEE!!! I'm thrilled if you can't tell. :):):)

Alrighty- now I'm done. Have a lovely Monday.