Monday, October 24, 2011

Das not funny friday: Sonia Moments

So- yes, it is Saturday but I have some funny moments from this week to share. Here it goes:

Sonia- "I put dis in your pocket."
Mom- "What is it?"
Sonia- "My banana."
Mom- "Okay, I would love to have a banana in my pocket."

5 mins Later:

Sonia: "Mom I'm hundry."
Mom: "Here, have the banana in my back pocket."

Amanda and Nick were over Sunday night and Sonia and Nick were throwing ball in the house, why? I have no idea. Nick threw the ball at Sonia and she yells, "MICK BOWDERS!"

Yeah Sonia, he is part of the family, but his name is Nick Land. haha

My dad recently got home from a mission trip to Guinea Bissau, ever since he returned Sonia has been loving on him immensely.
Every five minutes: "Dad I love you." Followed by a kiss.

Today she was talking to dad in the kitchen and she again says, "I love you dad."
"Yes Sonia, I know you love me." Then he said to my mom, "Man, she is like a middle school girl with a boyfriend. They don't know what love really is, but they say it anyway."

Too funny.

Anyway- That's all for this week. I hope it made you laugh. Have a good weekend- Bailey