Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Person

**Please read this post....I know its long but you will love it, and you might be changed after reading it....

I am reading this book for school. It is about evolution and Darwinists. I didn't think that it was very interesting until today when we watched a movie called, "Expelled." Now you might think it sounds extremely boring and I thought it would be too, but it is very interesting. It is a documentary about people trying to prove evolution wrong. It gives stories of people who got fired for saying the word "Intelligent design" or "Intelligent creator" in their classrooms, even if they weren't Christians and didn't teach creationism. It also talks about how Hitler, in the Holocaust, was very much a Darwinist. One part in the movie it shows one of the concentration camps...it was where all of the handicap or mentally disabled people lived. Hitler believed that these people should not live, so he killed them. The movie showed where they were killed and how they were killed, I'm not going to share with you all of them information because it was very brutal and gross. But because of Darwinism, which Hitler believed, he killed these people who had a purpose to live, God wanted them here. The people were saying that evolution is the way to believe because there is no way there could be a God who created everything but came out of no where, and then they question our beliefs. Then they go on saying how a single cell existed out of no where and made everything. How can you say that an infinitely powerful being or man, who we call God, cannot be there, but a single cell, with the complexity that is in a cell, could just be there? It makes you mad....simply mad. You want those people to give up their belief in Darwinism, and except the truth that God created everything and no one else did. Honestly you want these people not to exist so they can't tell others about Darwinism. But, God has a purpose for them to be alive. Maybe on their death bed someone will turn them to Christianity and they will get to spend eternity with Christ. If they don't they bible says that every knee will bow and worship God, so these people who believe in Darwinism will see God one day and God will ask them, "What were you thinking, how could anything else have created such a complex universe?" At the end of the movie the guy, Ben Stein(the main character) says that you are just one person. You may be 10, or 40 but you are ONE PERSON, one person can convince a Darwinist that creationism is the truth and he may become a Christian. That makes two people what if both of those people go and turn two other people to Christianity. That makes 4 people, and it keeps going and going. You are ONE PERSON and you CAN make a DIFFERENCE. Creationism can be taught in our classrooms, more people could become Christians. I know it to be absolutely true, it can happen, I promise. You can help change the world. Because you are ONE PERSON and God has a purpose for your amazing life that he created.

~Bailey~Psalm 56:3~(and Genesis 1:1 and 1:31...)