Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lessons Learned This Week

So- I'm going to attempt starting a series called "Lessons Learned This Week." Where I share what I've learned this week and...well, yeah! It should be fun. And so we begin.


1. As Christ has treated me, so I will treat YOU.

Wednesday night my youth pastor taught about treating others as Christ has treated you. And wow. That was just yesterday, and I'm already struggling. It's hard- and it's not something that comes immediately but after we fully realize how much Christ loves us we can BEGIN to put this into practice. And so...I begin to put it into practice. I begin. And it's hard. And we have to work together. But we'll get there.

2. God ALWAYS provides and he never fails.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible study on the book of James. It's exceptional, and tomorrow will be my last day in the scripture of James- I'm so so so very sad. I can't say I've ever said that before. But this bible study is so personal. Anyway- some days I want to read or make cards not do my bible study. BUT- God never fails to hear me on those rough days and He ALWAYS speaks to me through this study.

James is packed full of- well- everything you can imagine! But God made it so I would learn a certain thing at a certain time, just when I need it. He never fails. He always provides for me.

As some of you may know, we are struggling with some health issues(nothing life threatening, but life changing for sure), and today's was on prayer and how Christ is ALWAYS our health and our healer. It was perfect, I was almost in tears. Thank you Jesus Christ for creating Beth Moore and through speaking through her to me and so many others.

Well- I'm sure I've learned more than that this week- but I can't remember the rest- so we will leave it at that for now! Come back next week for another "Lessons Learned This Week!" I'm excited you are joining me on this journey. Feel free to do a "Lessons Learned This Week" post on your blog! I would love if you would join me!

~Thanks for reading~Bailey~