Thursday, May 17, 2012

I found it...

While we were at the beach, and since we have gotten home I have read my bible daily, but it has felt the same everyday- and nothing has really been different.

I didn't go to church last Wednesday or Sunday- and I missed it- terribly.

As I stood in youth last night, worshipping God with all that I had- it hit me.

I figured out what I was missing.

I was missing that fellowship with other believers, knowing that they were thinking the same things, they were going through the same struggles as I was. It was the best thing ever.

I have never loved my church, and those in it more than I did last night.

People always tell you how important it is to have those there who will strengthen you- but it won't hit you until God moves in your heart. Like He did in mine yesterday night.

I realized how important it is to have that group of believers around you strengthening you, encouraging you...and I felt the difference when I walked in the church doors. And even though I already knew it was important- it just hit last night, more than it ever had before.

Knowing people that love God the way I do, having them there for you, makes the difference in the world.

So thank you to all of those in my church, not only in my youth group, but in my whole church who are always there supporting me and encouraging me to do my best.

These people mean the world to me, and I couldn't be more grateful to have them beside me as we walk the journey Christ has laid before us together.