Saturday, May 26, 2012

Counting down....

I'm counting down the days....

Until school is out...that is six.

Until the pool is open so we can spend long days there just hanging out.

Until Summer With the Arts 2012, which is going to be incredible(thanks to the wonderful Paige).

Until I get to spend unending hours with my best friends giggling and talking...and giggling and talking some more.

Until I can work on my book for hours on end.

Until my 15th birthday and I get my permit...speaking of that I FINISHED DRIVERS ED!!!!!!

Until we know if baby Land is a girl or boy...which is around 26ish days...not that I'm excited or anything :).

But...I'm also trying to savor each day and find the little treasures and things the Lord brings me through each day.

And each day the Lord is bringing me more joy than I ever thought could be possible. It's been great. Especially now that my favorite college students are home and they just drop by for a few hours and we all talk and laugh and have a great time, fun times.

And yes, I'm counting down the days until each of the things above happens, but more importantly I'm searching and seeking daily the things God brings me each day to bless me and bring me joy.

What are you most excited about this summer?