Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quite a lovely weekend :)

I wake up and walk into the living room.

It's quiet. Scary quiet.

The kind of quiet when there are no boys in the house.

And I close my eyes and try to capture the moment.

The boys are at church camp for the weekend, without dad this year...we'll see how this goes :). Just kidding, they're going to do wonderfully! We are doing a little something for them while they are away :) that we are all SO excited about, and I will post pictures once they get home!

And even though the quiet is SO SO SO very nice, it is very weird without them here. But I have to say I kinda enjoy the peace and quiet...and card making and piano playing without disruption! It's very nice...and it's going to be quite a lovely weekend.

But I'm praying God will move in their hearts while they are gone, and that they would stay safe while having so much fun!

Now- I'm off to work on a secret project and enjoy the peace and quiet of a house with no little brothers :)