Thursday, September 6, 2012

"It's okay, my child, my mercies are new."

I've come to grips with my life.

What's going on.

And I've realized...

Yes, she's gone.

No, my life will never be the same.

And yes, I will always miss her...forever and ever.

Did you hear that FOREVER?

I have a long time to remember and miss her.

I don't have to just miss her today, or tomorrow.

I can miss her forever- she deserves it!

But...even though today wasn't great...

Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday were good!

And seemed wrong to have good days.

But I've's okay. That's all she would for us to have good days.

There are days where it will hit- where the pain will be immense. And it's OKAY to grieve. It's okay to be sad. To remember her.

But it's also okay to have good remember the GOOD times with her. The LAUGHS. The FUN times...that's all she was...FUN...and LAUGHTER!

So even though today wasn't great...tomorrow may be good- it may not be. But each day is new. Because HIS mercies are new each morning.

And this is what my heart says today.

What God is calling out to me..."It's okay my child, I am here, my mercies are new every morning."(Lamentations 3:23)

HIS mercies are new. Tomorrow is a new day. And sleepovers are SO MUCH FUN- so how can tomorrow not be fun?

I can miss her...and have fun...sometimes bad days are necessary- to get the feelings out, just to rant and be angry that she's not here...but happy days are good too, and we can remember her in those happy days.

Because she was happy. She was fun. She was full of laughter...even if it was a smoker sounding laugh :) But it was HER laugh :) And I miss HER laugh.

But I'm SO thankful that His mercies are new tomorrow. And that I can grieve or be happy or have fun or be sad. But whatever I feel tomorrow...He's there. And His mercies are new.