Monday, December 5, 2011

The Reason Why...

I get very excited about Christmas. Okay let me rephrase that- I get extremely excited about Christmas. On November 25th(every year) Christmas music is put back on my playlist and the Christmas piano books come out of hibernation. I put a countdown on my blog many days before that...which by the way is now down to two weeks and 6 days...yay!

Most of the time I find myself guessing at what presents are under the tree...thinking of what I am going to buy for friends and family...what I want to be under the tree Christmas morning. I'm pretty sure it would be safe to say we all do it if we are honest.

I have caught myself many times this Christmas season thinking about lights, and the tree, and what I want...not "Wow. God sent His only son to earth as a baby to save us from our sins. To suffer for us, to go through life as a human for us. Thanks God."

I have had to stop and think to myself that presents and trees and lights don't really matter...having an outfit to wear to the Christmas Eve service- it doesn't really matter. It's just something that the world has made important. And showing myself this- is most definitely a work in progress.

Please don't get me wrong- like I have already said, I LOVE Christmas. A lot. But like my dad said yesterday in his sermon, it's frustrating to see what Christmas has turned into- what WE have turned Christmas into.

I love exchanging presents and being with my family but...

This Christmas season I challenge you- along with myself to remember WHY we are celebrating Christmas.

It will be hard with all of the distractions of the world- but I bet it will be rewarding...

Would you join me?