Sunday, June 17, 2012


To my daddy on Father's Day 2012,

I love you more than you can imagine.
Thank you for the example of Christ you are to me and to so many others.

Thank you for everything you do for us. Thank you for loving Amanda like your daughter, because without that I wouldn't have my big sister.

Thank you for buying me special treats and taking me to get a milkshake after a horrible day of school.
Thank you for buying me and my best friend tickets to Taylor Swift.

You're the best, seriously.
And sadly you have raised my standards so high(which is a great thing) I don't think I'll ever find a husband- and then I can blame it on you!
Even though your little girl is growing up quite quickly right before your eyes, please know I will always love you with an unending love and will always, always be your little girl.

You will be the best "papa" to lil' Land- I'm sure of it.

I love you.

~Bailey Elizabeth

Happy Father's day everyone.