Friday, August 26, 2011

Pray for a purpose...

I come to you all today and ask you to pray for my dear friend Mary. She was supposed to be at Gardner Webb University starting her college classes yesterday, instead she is here, at home, struggling with several viruses. One of them being Mono. For those of you who don't know what that is, Mono is basically a virus that sucks all of the energy out of your body and makes you tired for months. She is so tired, and weary, and discouraged, because who wouldn't be excited about starting college? But when you get sick and are can just imagine how she feels.

So I come to you and ask you to pray for Mary.
Pray that God shows her why she is struggling with this.
Pray that she will heal quickly.
Pray that she will simply be encouraged by those who love her.
Pray that God will show her a purpose through all of this, that she would not be discouraged, but that through everything she will know how to praise Him and He will be glorified through it all.

Please pray for Mary.

~Thanks~ Bailey~ Philippians 4:13~

P.S. you can read her blog by looking at the blog list and clicking on "Mary who's amazing" because my linky thing won't work!