Friday, October 11, 2013

Uganda. Revisited.

When the Daraja Children's Choir of Africa came to stay with us in May, I never thought it could get better than that. We had three of the sweetest girls and a fabulous intern staying with us for three nights. And it was SO much fun, it always is. Our church worshipped with them in May, and it was beautiful.

Then. I went to Uganda. And it just so happened that the Children's Choir was from Uganda, too.

As we all know, Uganda was...beautiful. Healing. Incredible. I fell in love with that country and their people.

God did some incredible things on that trip...and I will never forget it.

The friendships, the laughter, the emotions, the jumps for joy...everything.

Ever since then- all I've wanted is a simple reminder of Uganda. And it's in the pictures- but it's still not quite the same.

Then tonight...oh, God is so good.

The Daraja Children's Choir was back for their fall tour and they were about thirty minutes from us. We got to go see them at another church.

I never thought it would connect that much. But, oh, when they played the intro video...folks. Let me just tell you.

I don't cry. Like ever. Except over math and sometimes chemistry. But tonight...when they were showing those sweet pearly white smiles and deep, chocolate faces, my mind and heart were brought back to log, hot afternoons in Uganda. When we laughed, and sang and tried to communicate with these kids who didn't speak English.

And my heart was more connected to those children-to their hearts-than I have ever been to anything else before.

Tears threatened to spill over as I watched them talk of dreaming to be someone who made a difference.

And saying that this journey- it's worth it. Because they are making a difference right now.

And precious Ugandan children, let me tell you, you made a difference in my day. You made me feel as if I was back under the eucalyptus trees in Uganda, praising Jesus once again.

So thank you.

Thank you for making me feel as if I was back in Uganda again, back where my heart is. Back where your home is.

Thank you for giving me the chance to worship alongside you tonight, to praise the God who has cleansed us all White As Snow.

You are beautiful, Daraja Children's Choir.

~And to my readers, here's the video that made me cry.

Have fun.~