Friday, March 30, 2012

Thank you, James

For Christmas I got a seven week bible study on the book of James- by Beth Moore.

And yesterday I finished it.

I never, in my whole life, have been truly sad for this study to be over. It feels like I'm leaving a friend- a companion in life.

And to some of you that might sound ridiculous, and to some you know what I mean. But for those of you who don't- I'll share with you some of her writing, so you can get a taste of what I've been feeling for the last seven weeks.

"Let's receive the Word like medicine to souls sick with selfishness and begging to be put out of their misery."

"Christ has used His implanted word to rescue my life so many times. Yours, too? He is so faithful, Sister. Let's move our hand away from the rich soil of our heart and welcome seed that sows salvation 'to the uttermost.'"

"Harsh people are never wise people. They may be smart. They may even be right. But they are not what the Bible calls wise."

"Put your sweet self under God. Entirely. No arms and legs kicking out to the sides. Knees to the floor. Eyes to the skies. Hands open wide. Death to your pride. Here we run aground on the reason the Devil flees."

"God knows how everything will turn out. And, for every single person who belongs to Him, it turns out well. We are not the exceptions."

"If we're willing, God is our song when we are happy, our escape when we are tempted, our hope when we're despairing, our joy in tribulation, our strength in weakness, and our immortality in dying. Ultimately, He Himself is our health."

"The second person I wish to thank is you, Sister. My heart as been so moved it hurts. Bless you for the gift of companionship. Without you on the other side of it, I wonder if I'd ever had finished it. Stay in the Word, Sister. Knees to the floor, eyes to the skies."

And that's Beth Moore for you. She is so personal it feels like she's sitting next to you.

But this book of James- oh James- has tested me, shown me so many things and simply changed me forever. All of the quotes above we written about this five chapter book. This amazing book. Better than anything anyone could ever write.

So- thank you Beth Moore for writing this for me. For helping me understand so much.

But really- thank you James for giving me those words. For prying my heart open to hear God's voice in hard times.

I encourage you to read the book of James. To hear from God like you haven't before. It will be worth it. I promise.

Thank you, Beth Moore. Thank you, James. Thank you, God, for everything.

"If we're in Christ, the Devil cannot have our souls. Because for us, our eternity is settled."


Friday, March 23, 2012

Of Operas, Village Tavern, and friends...

Last Friday night we had Spring Formal with our homeschool group high schoolers. This is a night when we go out to dinner at a semi fancy restaurant and then go to an opera/symphony/etc. We also get to dress up and do hair all fancy! We went to Village Tavern in Winston Salem and then went to see the Crucible in opera...and surprisingly it was really good. The story line was weird but the opera part was very very good! Sadly, all I have pics of are group pictures since my mom didn't go with us to take more(two other mom's drove and chaperoned), so here are some pictures!

My beautiful best friend and I!

Me by myself...

All the girls...(L to R) Emily, Me, Heidi, Anna Gray and Beth

And last but not least a group picture...(L to R) Emily Grace, Drake, Me, Heidi, Josh, Anna Gray, Garrett, Beth.
Anyway, we had a wonderful night of laughs, fun and well...yeah! It was really awesome! I can't wait until next year! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend...while I sit in drivers ed from 8 to 2 right? ha. At least Emily will be with me. Enough about me...have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Guess what?

I just finished editing the first rough draft of my book!

Yay! I'm so more step out of the way.

Next is...making copies for my editing people and then we will see where it goes from here!

Anyway...have a great week...and I probably won't be posting for a while because I start drivers ed Thursday. Gross.

But after that(and my bday) I will be able to drive...yippee!

Wow. That was so random and I am so sorry.

Have a wonderful week!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Heart Changing, Awe Inspiring

I feel like I have gotten hit by an 18 wheeler. This first sentence does not go with the title.

Yet it fits. It's the after effect of being moved so powerfully by the Spirit.

Heart changing, Awe inspiring.

D*Weekend. Was. Absolutely. Amazing.

God used so many people to show me so many things- even a friend my age.

280 people- I guarantee- each and everyone of them were moved by the Lord in some way.

I can't describe it in words- and if you had the opportunity to go and chose not to, you missed out on the best weekend that will take place this year- but don't worry- there's always next year.

God moved in the Civic Center. With arms high and voices raised to our almighty Lord- His presence was there, among all 280 people.

He moved hearts in mighty ways. He moved hearts towards a direction of being a light for the world. For being Christ's reflection- how could you miss out on being Christ's reflection? He chose you and me to be his reflection to show the world how amazing and wonderful and graceful and merciful and faithful he is. Do it. I dare you too. So does my youth pastor. And so do the 280 people at D*Weekend.

Be a light. Shine brighter than you ever have before- for Him and only Him.

I get chills just thinking about Saturday night's worship session- everyone(almost everyone) had their arms raised (including me and all my friends beside me) because we were praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in that moment we didn't care about anything else but shining for him.

"So I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the one who gave it all!"

"Holy are you God, Holy is your name, with everything I've got, my heart will sing how love you!"

"Beautiful Lord, awesome and mighty, I'm captured by this love I see!"

These words echoed through the civic center this weekend and He moved in the building more powerfully than He ever has before.

I was texting a friend after church yesterday and we were just saying back and forth to each other the awe and the wonder and the amazing things that happened this weekend, how several of our friends were moved and we were there to see Christ break their hearts- we both learned so much through them. God used them to teach she and I so much- and we couldn't be more thankful for that opportunity.

Heart changing and awe inspiring.

And feeling like I got hit by an 18 wheeler- it's so totally worth it.


For a small small glimpse at this weekend watch the video, by Iron Kite Films at the end of the post on the link. D*Weekend

Thursday, March 8, 2012



This weekend is going to be amazing.

More than amazing. It's going to be fantabulous.

And yes, fantabulous is a word.

"What," might you ask, "is this weekend?"

Only the best weekend of the entire year.

D*Weekend. (hehe *Smile*)

We will have a whopping NINE churches there this year! How amazing is that...and to think it started in a barn with the just students at Rich Fork baptist church about seven years ago.

Isn't that amazing?

I'm so pumped. This year will be my third year there. If you are totally confused, click here : D*weekend post from 2010.

We are going to have eight girls in my class coming this year...

I cannot wait until tomorrow night.

Anyway- a post will be coming soon about the details and fun times we have together worshiping our creator.

Have a wonderful weekend...maybe it will be as great as mine...okay, that's not possible. But have a great weekend none the less!

~Thanks for reading~ Bailey~

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lessons Learned This Week

So- I'm going to attempt starting a series called "Lessons Learned This Week." Where I share what I've learned this week and...well, yeah! It should be fun. And so we begin.


1. As Christ has treated me, so I will treat YOU.

Wednesday night my youth pastor taught about treating others as Christ has treated you. And wow. That was just yesterday, and I'm already struggling. It's hard- and it's not something that comes immediately but after we fully realize how much Christ loves us we can BEGIN to put this into practice. And so...I begin to put it into practice. I begin. And it's hard. And we have to work together. But we'll get there.

2. God ALWAYS provides and he never fails.

I am doing a Beth Moore Bible study on the book of James. It's exceptional, and tomorrow will be my last day in the scripture of James- I'm so so so very sad. I can't say I've ever said that before. But this bible study is so personal. Anyway- some days I want to read or make cards not do my bible study. BUT- God never fails to hear me on those rough days and He ALWAYS speaks to me through this study.

James is packed full of- well- everything you can imagine! But God made it so I would learn a certain thing at a certain time, just when I need it. He never fails. He always provides for me.

As some of you may know, we are struggling with some health issues(nothing life threatening, but life changing for sure), and today's was on prayer and how Christ is ALWAYS our health and our healer. It was perfect, I was almost in tears. Thank you Jesus Christ for creating Beth Moore and through speaking through her to me and so many others.

Well- I'm sure I've learned more than that this week- but I can't remember the rest- so we will leave it at that for now! Come back next week for another "Lessons Learned This Week!" I'm excited you are joining me on this journey. Feel free to do a "Lessons Learned This Week" post on your blog! I would love if you would join me!

~Thanks for reading~Bailey~