Monday, September 5, 2011

The Choices of Love: Part 2

As I got closer to the small house we lived in, I heard Caroline yell, “Elizabeth! Could it have taken you any longer to get home?” I didn’t respond to her but just rubbed her head, messing up her tangly hair, which she had gotten from playing outside all day, I assumed.
“You must wear your best dress when the superintendent comes, so he will think wonderful things about you,” Mama half yelled as she stirred the delicious smelling soup she was brewing.
“I will Mother, don’t you worry about me! I will be just fine.” After dinner, we all sat around a warm fire, while father played on his fiddle. We all sang until it was time for bed. Since Ruthie and I shared a room, we both talked about the superintendent coming and all of the things that I would have to do to get ready for his arrival. We talked for at least an hour, then finally Ruthie just didn’t answer me and I drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
The next two days were spent in anticipation of the superintendent coming and his arrival. After school each day, I spent two hours cleaning the school room from top to bottom, enjoying an excuse to be away from home, and not doing all of the chores my mother had for me. Since I was the oldest, it was a big job, even if Ben was around to help Pa with the farm chores. When I got home, Ben greeted me with my hated nick-name by saying, “Hello, Lizzie. Have you had a good day?”
“Fine thank you. I’m not kidding you, don’t call me that name.”
“Oh my, I almost forgot. Your father went into town again today to see if they had received any news about the superintendent coming, and they heard that he would be here mid-day tomorrow.”
“How exciting! It’s a good thing I stayed to clean today.” as I said this mama yelled, “Elizabeth, Ben, Pa, come on inside, it’s time for supper.”
When I walked in mama informed me, “I made your favorite: chicken pie and green beans! I made it to celebrate the arrival of the superintendent.”
“Why, thank you, Mama. I was just cleaning up the school house. Sorry I got back so late. I wanted it to be nice for when the superintendent came.”
“That’s fine, I understand. Just please, be home on time tomorrow. I could really use your help around the house.”
“I will,” I was abruptly stopped with the entrance of my father and Ben. After they came in, we all sat down to eat and Papa said the blessing, “Dear Father, thank you for the food you have so graciously placed in front of us. Please bless this food and our time together tonight and keep us all safe. In your name, amen.”
Our meal, as promised by my mother, was delicious, and our conversation was centered around the arrival of the superintendent. I was so excited, I barely said anything, but just listened to the conversation of the others at our table. Time for bed came quickly that night for everyone was tired from the hard work that day so they all went to bed shortly after dinner. When I crawled into bed, Ruthie fell asleep quickly, but I couldn’t go to sleep for the knots in my stomach were keeping me awake. I finally did go to sleep, and was quite refreshed when I awoke. I put on my best school dress and tied a ribbon around the neat bun on the back of my head.


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