Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There you'll find me

In the quiet and peace of my dad's office at church...I finished it.

I finished a new book- There You'll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones.

Do you ever feel sad when you finish a good book? Like that feeling- man I wish this book weren't over, can't it just go on forever?

I felt like that with this book. I wish I could read on and on about the journey of 18 year old Finley Sinclair trying to find God through tragedy in Ireland, and 19 year old Beckett Rush thinking he wants to change from Hollywood bad boy, and chase a different dream. Can't it go on forever?

After a long day of classes, I finished the book, sad that I was finished, yet happy satisfied to know I had just read another book by one of my favorite authors.

I highly encourage you reading this book- I have a feeling you will enjoy it(even my mother loved it).

Here is where you can buy it: Barnes and Noble, There You'll Find Me
And Jenny B. Jones website: Jenny B. Jones