Friday, September 28, 2012


So we went to the mountains.

Just for 24ish hours.

But still.

We got away, as a family, just us.

Yesterday morning I sat on the swing on the front porch/patio of the cabin doing my quiet time while watching the sun peek through the trees.

It was breathtaking.

Up there....I could think. I felt peace. I didn't feel rushed to go places or see people. It was calm.

For the first time in two months...yes, it's been two months...and how it still hurts just as bad and how I still miss her just as much, I have no idea...

I could think clearly, I knew what peace felt like, and I could miss her without worrying about putting on a brave face for other people.

It's a great place up there, the mountains.

But I couldn't help thinking...I wish we were at Boone...visiting her.

But I rested in God's promises, and his BEAUTIFUL creation right in front of my eyes.

We had campfires. We had s'mores. I swung in a hammock. I did school outside all day. I even worked ahead for today(which was so nice).

I thought about her often. And how she gets to see God smiling over his creation that he made. How she gets to watch the trees change colors from up above. How I hope that she is proud of me that I'm living life joyfully again. Smile again. Laugh again.

I could miss her without being sad. I could remember her. Think of her.

It was a glorious 24ish hours with the family.

A refreshing 24 hours. It's amazing what 24 hours can do- seriously.

And I come back refreshed, ready to face today and tomorrow...and whatever comes.

And I know that God will always refresh us just when we need it.

Like he did for me.


P.S. Emily Grace's birthday is Monday...and I'm SO excited! Woo hoo! So I'll be back soon :)