Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We're DONE!!!!

(from left to right, top to bottom) Josh, Garrett, Eric, Ryan, Anna Gray, ME, and Taylor!!!

Well with Mock Trial that is! Mock Trial was something that we had to do this semester for school. Our whole Challenge B class had to participate, and let me tell you, it was, as someone else put it, the Super Bowl of the 8th grade! Haha, it was very hard, but I feel like I have learned a lot through it. We did lose the trial, which means we won't move on, but I am honestly kinda glad that we lost. I really don't think that I could have done that again. Whew, it was soooo stressful. But next year I am going to help the next 8th grade class prepare for Mock Trial!

I would like to thank Eve Finch for helping us prepare for Mock Trial. She was such an encouragement to us, and she taught us so much through the whole year. I am truly going to miss her being my teacher next year!

I would also like to thank my parents for coming to see us in Mock Trial, and helping me throughout the entire year! Honestly, i can't believe I will be in high school next year, but I guess I can't make myself stop growing up!

The last people I would like to thank are all of my friends who were praying for us yesterday, and all of the people that were there to support us last night!

Thanks again to everybody!

~Bailey~Philippians 4:13~