Sunday, October 2, 2011

1 year ago today...

"Guys, I think I'm bleeding."
I had just put my arm through a glass window, shattering all of the glass and tearing my arm up terribly in 3 places. I had no idea that this would be happening. My best friends sat on the floor shocked, almost in tears at one of their homes. They comforted me until my dad got there and took me to the hospital where they stitched me up, total, it was 37 stitches. When I look back on that day, it's not fun. It's actually more scary now than it was then. That night, I was extremely blessed. Extremely. My best friends were there comforting me the whole time, and after I left they were all in tears. Now, I sit at my computer typing this, my arm is fine, I have scars, but I'm fine. When people ask me about them, I just say, "I put my hand through a glass window playing flashlight tag, and had to get 37 stitches." They look shocked.
The day after it happened my dad told the whole church. I got a few cards, and everybody checked on my the next time I was at church. Emily Grace and her mom brought us dinner and milkshakes(thanks guys, you don't know how much all of that means). It was a long recovery, it took about three weeks to completely gain full use in my arm.
Now, I look back on that day, not doubting that God did this for a purpose. As funny as it might be, when I was in the hospital, the medicine they had to use to numb my arm, made me very talkative. That was a blessing, because even though I didn't know it I was telling this Dr. all about God. I told him about my church, my Sunday school class, and my great Christian friends. Now, isn't that cool? So far, thats the only way I have seen God work through this, but I have no doubt that as my life continues I will be able to use this story to tell people how God can work in the bad things in your life, no matter what they are.
And now, 1 year ago today, I look back on this day, and thank God that He is going to be able to continue to use this in my testimony, and use it mainly, for His glory.

~Your Author~Bailey B.~Philippians 4:13~

P.S. I would like to thank all of those who helped me out when all of this was going on. Thank you Emily Grace, Dana, Anna Gray, Lindsay, Mom, Dad, all of those from church that prayed for me, my friends at Classical, and my family. Thank you to you all!